Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NERDity strikes!

Mythbuster is an amazing show. I saw them bust once, the famous 5 second rule or the 'wala pang 1 minute' kind of thing we call in our country. It's a myth so old we've done it ever since we were babies, hell we even do it until today. It's thinking that if you dropped your food and get it as fast as 5 seconds or even much faster, then it'll not be contaminated.

Well, first they ran a couple of tests like getting the amount of bacteria present among various places such as the living room, kitchen, toilet seats etc...(toilet seats were proven to have the least amount of germs; basically the cleanest!) And...drumroll please...the results were simple and crystal clear; if the spot where you dropped your food is filthy even if you get it at the ultra speed of 2 secs or more than 5, then it will and always be contaminated.

So better think twice at that fries or sandwich that slipped from those klutzy hands of yours; you don't want any nasty living particles to get into your mouth.*ack*

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