Sunday, April 16, 2006

Then we all turned 15

Paige's birthday. We all had a blast even though we just spent like 70% of our stay there at her place watching DVDs. We had 3 to sum it up. The food was d-e-licious as usual, given that her uncle's a wicked chef. And like what April said while devouring that divine fruit crepe she can't stop eating; all the diet done in a year vanished just within the 1st round...and to think we had like 4!

One of the movies we watched was probably be the sickest, nastiest, most gruesome and most violent movie I've seen so far..and it was even the first one we saw but miraculously, it didn't even made any difference to our huge appetite. Judging by the title: 'Cannibal Holocaust', you'll probably get the whole idea by now.

It wasn't entirely a horror movie; no dark-haired girls popping out of nowhere or aliens or monsters alike which I thought made it more morbid. It's a gory, stomach-turning porno all rolled into one made just for those you can dare watch humans eating humans, naked tribesmen do sexual rituals on mud, killing invaders-pounding them to tidbits by stone and inserting bamoo-like sticks through a human body like what we do to lechon manok.*ack*

Its a good, good thing its in black and white or I'll probably throw up to the scene where they dissected a living turtle [pawikan] for dinner. That's the part that disturbed me the most.

Anyway, we also watched 'White Chicks' on my insisting. Funny movie. Maybe they should also do something like Indian FBI agents [like those in Bollywood movies] clone Chinese Chicks. Overall, it was great. Happy birthday Paige! Although the celebration was supposed to be at EK or when it changed to a pool party at South Forbes, and finally just a small get together, it was worth it!

Big things indeed come in small packages. 

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