Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eye Opener

Lucky me, I still haven't experience half of the nightmare of public transportation yet. But what happened today was enough to make me hate and I mean HATE having to commute and war with thousands of commuters each day.

This is my second time at Dad's office this week and my first at CGH. We left at 5:45 and we could have flown our way into the LRT if it weren't for the doctor who was suppose to leave at 6. You wouldn't believe my frustration because first and foremost, my dad was nowhere to be found; he had my bag and we were totally running late. Secondly, another hellish moment at the train station where we were cut off from the 1st train which made us get on the 2nd and worse...inside the men area; TRANSLATION: hot, gross and smelly.

But the horror didn't stop there. I wasn't so lucky after all. When we got off the train and rode a tricycle en route to the hospital, I saw the real world: I saw people and vehicles all in the same place; almost all in the same spot. There were also vendors of various kind and faces from all different places. It's definitely not what I see where I come from everyday.

And its sad to even think of what it's like on other parts of the country. Even on the other side of the world. Consider yourself lucky if you're sitting in front of a computer in a cozy four-walled room. Because you are. Finally, we were able to meet the doctor and to conclude, I still have to wait for about 5 years to see what happens. *sigh*

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