Saturday, July 29, 2006

Chenelynn Chorvah

Today was great. We didn't have CAT class, instead we had our TLE-Makabayan 'food trip' that took us almost half of the day to prepare. To top it of, my aching feet from walking back and forth on the mall ended up in a movie theater with my parents to watch Sukob.

It was awesome, a good kick-ass horror film I never thought I needed badly. And to think that its Pinoy. Two thumbs up. I must say that the reason I'm not really a horror film fan is because mostly, it's either so scary, the story is kind of nonsense or the plot is great but it doesn't make your hair stand up on its ends. But not this film, I loved it. It's fast paced and definitely heart pounding. It's true what Kris Aquino said, there's really something wrong with you it didn't scare your balls off within the first 10 minutes.

Gosh, this week is utterly tiring. Super daming ginawa and mas maraming pang darating. First, we had our Makabayan then the Pista sa Nayon, then Hataw tapos next week long tests na at UPCAT ko na! It's just sad to think I have all these reviewers waiting for me to answer but then, I have so little time. So much for this entry, hindi ako masyadong makapagsulat. 

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