Friday, September 01, 2006

Chasing Time

Buwan ng Wika is finally over. You can't magine my excitement when I heard that St. Therese won the first place in Sabayang Pagbigkas and the dance. It feels so nice to win. All the super exhausting days of practicing over and over again was worth it. Even what happened to my skin at the aftermath of textitle paint, everything paid off. Watching it on video earlier made me so proud.

Well aside from having so much activity these past weeks the other thing that makes me happy is, that I'm one of the chosen officers in CAT.

I'm glad my fellow seniors are enjoying our last year in school. I'm mean I can't blame myself for thinking so much about college nowadays since I took my UPCAT and began filling up applications on other university. I'm not yet ready. Nobody is, i guess.

There's still a of time anyway. There are far more important things to do. Still bunch of stuff that will make you forget your life for a moment. Omg, its already September. And ten days from now, I'm officially 16!

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