Sunday, December 17, 2006

No Worries

I had a long and interesting day yesterday. It was tiring but it's okay, I've been friends with stress a lot lately. I went to school for our TLE project this morning. We painted juice boxes and later we all got bored with it so everybody decided to go and return for CAT which was like 3 or more hours later.

We all went to different places; some went within the school's vicinty, others went to Southmall but we, Eka, Yang Diane and I went to Alabang Town Center to window shop. But it turned out to be more than just window-shopping. Haha! I knew it was a GREAT idea I didn't bring my money! I could've had bought more than just my exchange gift.

After we ate lunch, we went to Rustan's because Eka got some wicked gift cert from her mom. And when you drop girls inside a room FULL of beautiful clothes, be warned, they'll be all oooover the place with their small naughty little hands. We tried different outfits! I put on a party Baby Phat top, Eka had a winter thing going on, Yang and Diane had summer skimpy shorts and skirts! It was a blast. Then we also tried on cocktail dresses.

Then we totally lost track of time. We were supposed to be back in school when we were done posing for the mirror (haha) but we were just starting, so we all decided not to go back at all. And since we were suppose to sing carols at DBP, we thought we would just go straight there instead.

Eventually the day ended and it was good. When everyone was already there, we practiced the songs and I suddenly felt all Christmas-y inside. Christmas carols always makes me feel tingly inside. In a good way, though. And so I sang my heart out all through out the cold starry night.

Plus, it felt surprisingly good when the families we were singing to actually made effort on going out from there houses and came to hear and watch us. The kids were the best. They were all happy, with their big flashy christmas trees inside their house. Its my first actual caroling ever! And to think I'm already 16!

Oh well, I love Christmas; the weather, the lights, the songs, the anticipation for the gifts, the food. This is way to early for my Christmas entry isn't? Anyway I'll stop being overly-dramatic. Being occupied really helped a lot for someone who's trying to get over something. It does, really. And now I can't wait for April and I's REAL shopping tomorrow! Au revoir for now!

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