Monday, January 22, 2007


What an exhausting week! Exhausting but very much alive. I feel like I'm eventually loving stress and pain. Yeah, you gotta love em'. Don't hate, appreciate.

Well first off, we had our NCAE. If you watch news, all of the senior students from every corner of the country (I think) took the exam last Wednesday. It was fun, I am so psyched to know the results and what courses are better for me. Its not that I'm having second thoughts on Ad Arts, its just that you have to have a wider horizon, if you know what I mean.

And yeah, results in USTET will be posted on January 28. Hooooo, I'm so nervous. Eka already recieved a letter saying she passed and I'm so happy for you girl! Still, I keep my fingers crossed.

The next day was the insurance of cards. After school, April and I went and watched the cheerdancers practice at the gymnasium. I was so amaze at the steps and especially after watching Bring It On 3 (All or Nothing), I had a one-on-one war with my mind on whether or not I should join them. My mind say yes, because it's my last year anyway and you got to do what you want to do before it's too late. BUT, my body says no, thinking of how big of a hassle it is to come home every night without school bus and of course, I'm not the very flexible kind of girl so I was really thinking it over and over and over and over and over again and again (5x) that night after I saw them practice.

So, the next day, I said I wouldn't join after all. I thought, my parents wouldn't be so happy about it and I think I'm better off in pep squad. But they wouldn't know if no one told them right? So being such a girl, I instantly changed my mind within half a millisecond. And alas! I won myself dark bruises all over my knees. But the practices were fun! I love how my muscles hurt like hell, especially when you climb 4 flight of stairs everyday at school. FUN!

Friday, our educational trip. I guess I can say it was happy. I looked happy in the pictures. But for one specific moment, one instant, one second of that one trip, something made me gloomy inside. But it made me swear an oath to myself to never again let myself hope for the things that urgh...whatever. 

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