Saturday, February 24, 2007

Prom...The End

Grabe, iba ang prom ko ngayon. I can say that it was fun. I had a blast. Honestly. I don't like to live in a lie. Eventhough it wasn't a dream-come-true whole teeny-bopper happily-ever-after scenario, I can say I wasn't disappointed and I wouldn't change a thing to what happened to us today.

First, I am so ecstatic that my dear parents let me stay over at Paige's after prom. And to top that off, they even let me go to an 'after party' that unfortunately went err, wrong. That's another story.

toothbrush and a greek goddessmade up paige and clean faced jeca!

Long story short, it felt to me like we're more and more coming to the end. The end of long chilling-out on the corridors, hanging-out with friends any day, laughing and crying and goofing around, oblivious of the things around us.

And there are things that I'm beginning to accept. Like what a friend said, it doesn't matter. And it doesn't really matter. That dance somehow made me feel better.

Let the pictures tell the real story yet again....if I can be able to upload them all.

Basta, the best part/s of this day was going to the salon with my girlfriends, nagmamadaling magbihis (imagine wearing your dress in 3 minutes), dancing (both the disco and slow dance), and especially the car ride home...wind blowing my made-up hair+sipping Atarbucks+ goofing around with Kim and Eka+ sound-trippin'=great way to end the night. 

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