Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I don't trust myself (with loving you)

Who do you love?Me or the thought of me?- J.Mayer
Things between 'us' are starting to be just a summer fling. I'm not the only one to say, but that's what I've been feeling. It's the littlest things that matters most to me, and its the littlest things he doesn't notice.

It's kind of sad, I thought we were good together. Not until the four-letter word ruined it all. I can't imagine  how love can ruin things that's supposed to be love. Yikes, I wasn't looking for it in the first place. I was contented in hanging-out.

But it's kind of happy na rin, at least I didn't consumed all the talking he gave me. Guys who sweet talk and play tricks on you, shouldn't be taken too seriously. Trust me. College is all around me. Can't wait. Hmmmm, its nice to be around your friends for a change.

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