Sunday, May 06, 2007

At long last

Since Paige's birthday, bigla ko na lang nakalimutan ang username and password ng hamak na blog na to. And to think that lots have happened since that day. Gosh, its been like a roller coaster ride. Daig pa ata ang Space Shuttle.

Anyway, 3 days after Paige's party, I was sad. And another 3 days went and I was happy again!

Then the following week was awesome; I went to UST and finally became a Thomasian, Mau gave me a cat I named after Kirk (well not really, we call her Lemon/Melon), and went to this resort at Cavite owned by a family friend and finally got a decent tan.

Then came Monday, it was the happiest day! I went to DLSU-D to accompany Kirk for his enrollment thingy. We watched Spiderman 3 the next day. It was great, although there were so many people we only get to watch it once.

The following day, I was so bummed out at home when suddenly Eka texted me to come over. Savior! So I gave April a call and then we both hung-out at Eka's place the whole day. My parents don't really like me going out during weekdays (or any days as a matter of fact) but what they don't know won't kill them. Does that make any sense? Ewan.

Another savior came to my rescue when I was about to go home. The next day was okay but the day after that was even better. I love holding hands. 

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