Monday, May 21, 2007

Let the good times roll

I'm suppose to write an entry about how much drama I've been going through lately but then Meralco ruined the moment and I've forgotten the words to start it all out again. I decided to just write some random things until I get back to the mood.

I'm not really experiencing 'much' drama recently, actually. It kind of fit the sentence for no exact reason. Haha! And I kind of started this entry with a very long sentence. Wala lang, napansin ko lang.

So anyway, my week's been great. My phone is out at the moment, and I'm too lazy to even get the charger and plug it in and now I can't exactly recall why my week's been great without my trusty calendar where I put all my appointments and escapades my parents don't know!

See, when I say random, it is random.

Well, I can recall the 'double date' I had with Kirk, Makss and Eka. It was fun. But since I don't have even a minuscule drop of 'fun' with me today, I can't elaborate on that matter.

28 Weeks Later wasn't bad though. You should watch it with someone you like. Because you can count the people inside the cinema and its all dark and scary. Oopss! Must stop myself from writing more of that. Change topic.

Anyway, since the debut of some friend I attended to with Kirk last week, my parents decided it would be the last time for me to go out. THE LAST TIME.

But today, I went to Irish's birthday party and I had fun! I wasn't planning on going in the first place, but a girl can change her mind in a bat of an eyelash. So I got there in an impulse. And it's super fun!

The pasta was fantastic! I forgot all about not eating too much at night. The 'kwentuhan' was even better! Thanks Paige, Elia, Eka and Makss! We talked about MOs (if you don't know that, figure it out), TV shows and series of ridiculous talk about getting piercings and tunnels in all the weird places!

Just imagine having a tunnel on your nipples! And tunnels on both of your cheeks! I don't know, I thought it was really hilarious at that time.

Tonight (or today, its actually 3am...oohh it's a creepy hour waaa!!!), I actually don't want to sleep. I want to see if I can make it without sleeping until 5.

Notes to thyself:
  • Too much is bad. It's a cliche but it's so important we forget it.
  • Just go with the flo, shorty!hehe Just ride plus, it takes less pain.
  • Look forward to the future, and let the good times roll 

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