Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here We Go Again

How was the back-to-school shit?


I was so thrilled with the new subjects we had to take. We'll be dealing with 3 major psych subjects this semester: Human Development, Bio Psychology, and Theories of Learning. But our professor in that course hasn't been attending three meetings straight and I'm dying to know what that subject is all about.

The new teachers are great as well. In a more personal level, I find it extremely essential that the professors are capable and they teach well. That's how I get to love the subjects eventually.

We also have Logic and Philippine History. Based on what my high school classmates who already had them has to say, it's pretty tough but I found myself looking forward to every meeting since it started this week. Oooh and the hard thing about my schedule is I have to get up as early as 5 every day for my 7 am classes. Then I have a Social Dance classes to attend to every Saturday mornings! But I prefer it better than previous semester.

Anyway, today I just have to attend one class: Theology. It sucks that I have to travel all the way from home to school for an hour for just an hour worth of class then I have to go home again. It's tiring. Plus public transportation sucks big time too.

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