Thursday, November 01, 2007

Like A Cannonball

Today, I went to my university for enrollment. I slept for what seemed like 5 minutes before waking up at 5. I managed to toast two slices of bread with cheese spread while reading Norweigan Wood by Haruki Murakami, still sleep-deprived and groggy.

I didn't want to sleep to begin with. Being so used to waking up around 2 pm where most of the people in the neighborhood are getting ready for an afternoon sleep, I was worried that by the time I open my eyes its all over for me and the rest of my first year in college.

But I happened to bear the cold shower with ease. As well as the calculated movements I had to make to avoid noises that would make my sister (who just then decided to sleep when I woke up) stir and starts throwing attitudes.

Getting there was such a relief. I don't know, it felt like I've been trapped in a prison cell all these time and being out on the road thrilled me like I've never done this in a long time. It was almost six when I got out of the house and it was cold and cloudy; my kind of weather.

But when I reached school it began to rain. After a couple of hours waiting, me and some of my blockmates paid the bills, renewed our IDs, talked about how being an irregular student can be such a breeze and a pain in the ass, and finally went home.

For lunch I had coffee shake with choco pudding, two doughnuts, and bits of spicy tuna. I spent the rest of the afternoon asleep, then continued to read, and played the guitar. Mom just got back home later that night and she brought with her pomegranate pleasure, grapefruit kisses, and chocolates. 

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