Thursday, December 27, 2007


All of us, more or less, has wanted something so much to the point of almost losing ourselves.

Sometimes it even make us do things we never though we'd do even though we know it may hurt us at the same time.

You are a fool to think that something you know is bad for you may eventually do you good. It's stupid to eat cakes and ice cream when you're diabetic. Even more stupid to tire yourself to someone who don't even know how to appreciate.

So have you ever wanted something so much--too much that you never once gave up hope that you can actually change that thing to something better yet in the end, when you've had it for your own, you realized you didn't want it as much as you thought you did?

Sad, eh?

Like say, a pair of jeans you've seen on the magazine. You went all the way to get it, saved money just so you can buy it but when you've tried it on, it didn't fit.

Somethings just doesn't seem right for you because that means you shouldn't have it. And it's OK to admit. Even if things can be so tempting.

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