Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007: Awesome

♫ And now I'm wondering just who would I have been. To be the one attached at all times to your hips.

December 12:
Me and Kimpot went to MOA to watch MTV Summit 2007. It was great! Although we weren't able to finish the whole event and we left while Callalily took the stage.

There was even this unexpected but not-so-lucky thing that happened. There was this guy whom I had an eye contact with a couple of times during the first half of the concert. And the next thing I knew he went to us and handed me a VIP ticket. Of course, Kim and I were ecstatic and without second thought we went straight to the VIP gate. But then it was just one pass and can admit only one. Haha! So we went home instead. Badtrip eh. Panira ng momentum

I was so expecting to see Urbadub pa naman. Pero its a good thing na rin cause we had major cramming the next day for an English reporting which miraculously turned out better than we expected. haha Kudos to my groupmates! ♥

December 19:
We had a mini Christmas party with my blockmates and then UST Paskuhan!

Wala pala kaming classes that morning eh ang aga ko pa namang pumasok nun! And to think I have to go back home to change clothes for the paskuhan.

So no choice, and with the insisting of my girlfriends Hanna and Grace, we all head to my house. Ang kulit kasi nila. They were curious to how far my house is from school kaya yun, after an hour we reached my house, packed all my things [I just stuffed them all in my bag!] and after another hour we were sobrang nagmamadali na cuz they were almost done with the party!

When we finally got to school tapos na sila and all! Haha! Hinintay lang nila kami for our gifts.

Hay, kapagod talaga itong araw na to. Imagine I was up to my feet since 5 that morning up to the morning the next day! Grabe. Paskuhan wasn't that fun as I expected, though. Sure, Parokya Ni Edgar was awesome but there was SO MANY people and we all had trouble finding each other that we ended up not having to celebrate it altogether.

Pero its all good. Ang saya naman nung uwian sa car ni Joshua.

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