Friday, December 07, 2007

Fast Forward

Wow, another week had passed. Sobrang bilis talaga ng araw. Even now, it's already Friday, but it doesn't feel like it to me. School's been great. I have never been so late in class until I stepped into college. My professors in both first subjects (Logic every MWF, English TTH) already know me by face for always being late. Also, I didn't think I'll come across so many obsessive-compulsive people ever since I entered college.

I also have a couple of crushes now. Haha! Okay, too much information. It's just that before, I thought I'd never see a guy in my department that is my type. Anyways, projects and reports are already starting to emerge. Deadlines starts to sketch its way on my already stressed face. But still, even with hectic schedule with readings and assignments to do, I still manage to find time to do unnecessary things like say, this! And Deviantart, Friendster, or Multiply. These are my stress-relievers. I stay up so late these days, I sleep the moment I hit the bed.

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