Friday, December 21, 2007

My Kind of Happiness

Waah! These past couple of week was a blast! Just my kind of happiness. Really, this is just what I needed to end the school-days (temporarily) and start the holiday season.

Last Wednesday, I watched this two theatrical play at school and it was good. The first one was about call centers and being a one-man(or one-woman, hehe) play, it was pretty amazing to see that woman go on for like more than hour talking with the stereotypical call center accent, very 'americanized' with the diction and all that. It was trying to be funny, teaching us the pronunciation of phrases like, Did you eat? where in the States you say it as Jeet? haha! And Let's go! which pronounced as Sko!

But I liked it nonetheless, especially towards the last part where she sat back on her office chair with her feet up and started drinking gin and started cursing in Filipino. haha Solido!

The next and the last play was entitled Twosome and it was directed by John Lapus who (I knew just then) was also a Thomasian graduate. This one was better and more entertaining. The characters were just so comical. It makes me want to be part of something like that too, haha! Or if I can't act, it made me want to direct a play of my own in the future. hehe So much for this dreamer.xD

The next day I went to MTV Summit with my friend Kim. Everything from the day before that up to the moment I got back home was just bursting with spontaneity and adrenaline rush.

The plan wasn't supposed to happen because there was no plan to begin with. haha! It was surprising that we actually did make time for it. He had exams that week and I always have a trouble asking my mom for permission with getaways like that. But fortunately, they went out-of-town the night before (I was ecstatic to find them packing their stuff went I got home late after watching the play) and will be back on the weekends! Yey! That's another escapade for me.xDD

So then, after school I went to SM Manila to meet him. We grabbed a quick bite at 7 Eleven then we head to meet his brother's girlfriend for the tickets.

We were supposed to meet her at the casino but then we went to another place and with a couple of walking and more walking with some more walking here and there we got lost a bit, haha! We couldn't find her and we were all over at this airport where she was working. So then I decided to call her to get this over with because we were starting to get wasted.

She got angry hehe. And with the tickets in hand we took a jeep, and then rode a tricycle with the mamang taga-bisikleta who uses his voice to make noises as to let the people know his old little humble pedalled tricycle is coming through. And have I mention where we went through while we were going tupsy-turvy inside it?

It was a MAJOR chaos. We pass through a raging sea of all kinds of people plus a bigger bunch of divisoria-worthy stalls of all the variety of ready-to-wear products of all sorts you can ever think of. Felt like the craziest 30 minutes of my life inside a human-maneuvered vehicle. So after all that stress, we thanked the Mamang driver with all our hearts for having that mighty stamina and patience to deal with what I just experienced for the first time all for 40 pesos. Bless that place.

This post is getting long. This shall be continued to another entry.

Still to come:
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