Monday, December 31, 2007

Year of the Rat

This was probably the first new year's eve that we delivered food to eat. Mom was too lazy and to think that she and I will have some MAJOR cooking to do the next day--new year's day.

Well actually, she'll do all the cooking and I get to be enslaved by her around. Haha! Chopping, stirring, washing and more. Err, not exactly what I was hoping for 2008.

There will be a family reunion at our house and good luck if all of us can fit.

But this night was rockin'! Can't get any better than this. Although a part of me can't let go of 2007, I must give way to the year of the rat whether I like or not. Done some stupid things on the previous year but I must say it'll be all unforgettable. Especially Kirk. Haha!

No new year resolutions for me this time. I never follow them in the first place.

Happy New Year to all. ♥

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