Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I'm currently here at Benavides Library, it's 10:06 am and my English and Theology exams are already over. It wasn't that hard compared to Theories of Learning and Bio Psychology which we had yesterday.

I'm just killing time for my social dance practice at 11. Brrr, it's so cold here. I've got nothing to do but wait until my Occupational Theraphy major groupmates text me and meet me at the Med building pavillon. Haha. Okay too much information.

Tommorrow we'll have Filipino and PhisHistory. Sobrang nakaktamad kayang pag-aralan yang dalawang yan! Most especially PHist, chapters 1-10 and coverage. Oh snap! I think I'll have to wake up at 3 am again later.

I actually planned to study that early for all my tests but earlier I got lazy because I realized 3 is the 'devil hour' and I wouldn't want to be up and all alone studying. Haha!

So anyway, I went to school extra early; all my fellow commuters sleeping on the way. The sky was still dark when I got here and it rained a bit. I studied (or tried studyin) at the Lover's Lane and I can't help but get distracted by the 'oldies' doing exercise. That's what you usually see in UST in the morning. They were so cute to watch, doing light movements with their delicate bones and flab of fat under their arms sway as they move.

I want to go home already. But I still need to be here until 1 pm. Hmm. What to do next?

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