Friday, January 11, 2008

So Sick

I hate getting sick. I loathe it. I hate everything about it especially when you can't sleep at night. This flu got me awake until midnight thinking about things I'd rather not think. It's exhausting as it is being ill and can't breath properly. I thought about the day I'll eighteen. I actually dread that day. It's like it cannot be this soon! My parents didn't even believed me when I told them I'll officially become an adult this year.

So anyway, I don't feel like its really the right time--yet. But my body seems to be giving it some justice though. Haha! What I mean is, have I been a glutton this past vacation that my clothes suddenly shrunk and my jeans fit more. My butt looks hot now with my tight-fitting jeans. But as we age, the slower our metabolism gets too. And soon, gone are the days when we eat our hearts out without even giving a shit about calories and workouts we have to die for.

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