Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some Thoughts

I just want to share some thoughts I learned just recently from my Theology class.

We were talking about Baptism and how it washes away the original sin.

And then our professor asked, "What is original sin?"

In an instant, I thought to myself: its the sin made by Adam and Eve, the first man and woman God created, when Eve ate the forbidden fruit.

Then she asked again, "So why then are we being cleansed for a sin we have not committed?"

No answer.

Neurons signal fire and thoughts started to rumble.

Bakit nga ba? I have not thought of it until that time. It hasn't occured to me how controversial original sin can be. There's so much mystery in the bible yet this story is long before revealed to us, it's even the most familiar story ever told.

And yet, I can't think of any rational answer to the question.

My professor said that it shouldn't be taken literally for almost all of the concepts in the bible are symbolic representation and an even more complicated explanation lies beneath.

She told us to forget everything we thought we knew about it. The things our teachers told us when we were young were wrong.

Original sin is actually the sinful condition manifested by Adam and Eve.

It's not actually the sin that they've committed that was passed down on us but the mere effect of it.

It made sense. After all, when God found out about the forbidden fruit eaten by Eve, He punished them (the man will be burdened to work and the woman will have the pain of having a child), and then there's this story of Cain and Abel (killed his own brother) and so on. There goes a longer list of more evil doings. Up to now, this generation and the generations yet to come will experience this.

Sad, eh?

It's like global warming we are experiencing today because we are not taking good care of our one and only home--Earth. In time, when our children will be the ones inheriting this planet, god knows what they'll be breathing in.

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