Monday, March 24, 2008


Internet is unbelievably slow today. It's agonizingly slow to the point of me groaning in frustration.

Well I have nothing else better to do. I mean, I woke up around 1 in the afternoon, immediately took a bath because the weather was exceptionally hot, ate brunch while browsing the TV with yet again no good movies to see, and finally decided to watch my sister's growing collection of pirated DVDs.

There's this movie called "D-Day" and its about this summer school for girls who failed during their senior year and could not go to a university so they have to study a year more. And then of course, a lame plot like that always have a dark hidden twist; the school had a fire incident 3 years ago that killed all of the students including the faculty members. And so the story gets creepy, all of them died except for this one girl who fortunately escaped with only her left face burnt. But at the last scene she was about to jump off the train station because she's crazy. The end. I told you it was lame.

My body clock is totally screwed up. As much as I want to be sleeping so soundly at night, I am wide awake. I remember putting up this list of stupid yet attainable short-term goals even before summer vacation started:

1. Losing weight. Well, I don't have this distorted self-image just so you know, the weighing scale doesn't lie. I've put on a couple of pounds from stressing over school stuff and not getting enough sleep during the many almost sleepless nights I spent typing and cramming.

Well, I'm partly to blame. It sucks to be crammer.

2. Reading books. I have been wanting to read 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen, but for some reason, I started re-reading my fave ones first: 'Eleven Minutes' and 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman'.

And shame on me, I haven't finished any of them until now because I started on both books simultaneously. Haha! No, you can't possibly do that. But you get the idea.

3. Re-reading my first semester psychology books. It's awful to let knowledge go to waste especially when the parts that we haven't tackled are the best parts (I'm talking about Schizophrenia and the like). But then again, these books have started to gather dust and have been deprived of sunlight. This probably won't be successful. 

But I'll still try! I just have to get my ass off this chair and get those books from the cabinets. Damn, that's too much work to do. Haha!

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