Friday, March 28, 2008

Young In Love

Follow what your heart says but let your mind guide you. I was leafing through the pages of my old high school journal--it's a hard bound book from my sister and I started writing on it since my freshmen year until I graduated in high school. It's fun to re-read it once in a while, it makes me laugh to think I was such a teenybopper girl who writes poems for her crushes.

I made a short Filipino poem for the guy I fancied way back 2006 and you can read it here. I remembered being so frustrated with myself because of him and my one-sided love. Ha-ha!

I had different crushes each year but each of them would last the whole 365 days of us being close yet distant. I'd eventually get over them in a matter of time and realize that we are indeed, better off as just friends, Here I share to you a part of my journal, one of the most precious things in my life:

I am dying to live
I am crying tears of joy
Are we not invented to believe
Created like a toy

Who am I kidding
Your looks will always be deceiving
I am walking this marathon
Chasing you like chasing after a phantom

Could it be that you've been here all along?
Letting me make another fool of myself?
Your premonitions got no permission
Well now you're off my shelf

Go play with someone else's mind
This girl is leaving you behind.
My journal is full of these poems. When I die, I would like my kids to read it.

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