Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Take In A Breath And Let Out A Sigh

Haven't blogged for a long time. It seemed like I've lost my touch with telling things in details nowadays. Time has started to feel like sand in an infant's little hands, I can't seem to get much of it. It doesn't last for long like it used to.

Probably because a week from now, we'll bum around for a change, and school is punishing us until the very last days of my first year in college. All of it had been a wrinkle in my face but I'm kind of happy at the same time.

I am so glad I'm around with such amazing people. I'm grateful to have great block mates. I hope those who are planning to shift courses will have second thoughts. It's been a both a good and bad year, but good nonetheless (or was it just me whose year had been half bad?).

Final exams will start on Monday and we'll just have to bear a couple of hours warming the chairs and sweating our asses off despite the chilly air conditioner in L. Hall.

I am so loving Fashionably Uninvited by Mellowdrone. *sways head with the music*
When I was youngAll of these things didn´t matterBut now times have changedAnd I wasn´t paying attention
~Mellowdrone Fashionably Uninvited

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