Sunday, April 20, 2008

In A Haze

My mom got mad at me for sleeping over at Paige's house last Wednesday without her consent, but fortunately we're cool again in no time.

It was crazy, crazy over at Paige's. We had one helluva night. Half of us still had classes to go to the next day but we didn't mind. I thought I'd never catch a wink but I managed to doze off around 5 am and got home exactly at 6. Talk about responsibility...and major sabaw.

I slept my way to school and back. Haha! And slept the entire afternoon too.

Anyways, I really like Natasha Bedingfield's new song featuring Sean Kingston. I just can't help but finish the whole video every time I see it on TV. 

I'm feeling disconnected to the world more and more each day. I mean, well, never mind. It's like, I haven't been able to talk to some of my friends lately. What the heck...Here are pictures from Paige's sleepover!

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