Friday, May 16, 2008

Like post-it notes

My blog entries are starting to look and feel like riddles and poems. Short and it doesn't make sense. Well at least if I'm reading it from another person's point of view.

So let me tell you how my life has really been recently. I won't go for vague sentences and difficult ideas (for now) on which only I can relate.

Summer is slowly coming to its end. Unfortunately, MY summer hasn't even begun yet. The tremendously agonizing two hours of Trigonometry everyday for a month is the sole highlight of what has been happening to me.

I go to UST early in the morning, sit still on the bus full of strangers for two hours, kill time inside the library if I got there early, and then kill the brain cells out of me for another two hours. I go to the ever-the-same route on my way home and if I was lucky, I'd get to sit on the passenger seat of the FX and wake up just when I reached my destination: home.

But on Tuesday, all of this will be over! Not until Finals are over, that is. But still, it'll be over! No more Math subjects for me! I miss Kirk badly. Summer classes totally ruined all my summer-getaway plans. 

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