Monday, June 30, 2008


He used to lie very often, and I wanted to be fooled for a little longer.

Haha! Ang cheesy nakakainis! Anyway, I felt the need to write something here at this very moment. I don't really have anything on my mind. Nothing important to say actually. No fancy event that happened to me today. I just felt the urge to do some free association--it's a concept by Freud (the infamous psychoanalytic perv haha!) wherein one talks about the first thing that comes out of his/her mind. And now I'm writing continuously, like a free-flowing magic carpet in a blue sky. LOL

And I must not stop. No using of backspace. Argh, this is quite challenging you know. Not being able to think of what to say before you say it. And I do that a lot actually, thinking hard of what I say and how I should say it before I speak to the point of not being able to say it in the end. Haha!

Like there was one time, I was riding this van on my way home. And I was seated in the middle part of the vehicle facing the other middle row, as well as the last row at the back. Imagine having to face 8 people for almost an hour. It was quite awkward, especially for a self-conscious girl like me who loathes being stared at. So as much as possible, I tried avoiding eye contact and glued my eyes on the either the right or left side out of the windows in silence.

Then, I fell asleep. It was quite a nap, one of those I feel grateful for. It's one of those nap where you feel as if you have slept for so long when in fact you just dozed off. Hehe. I don't really mind sleeping in long rides. I like it actually. But then, for some unknown reason, I suddenly awoke and the first thing I saw was the guy at the far end seated at the back looking at me.

He wasn't my type and not that he's good-looking but being a self-conscious girl like me who loathes being stared at, I didn't know what to do for a second. I unconsciously checked for my phone just so I had something else to do but then it was lost in the sea full of school-stuff in my bag.

So anyway, the story is getting long and it isn't even the main point here. Hahaha! So let me get to it now.

I suddenly regained consciousness in the middle of a deep nap and I swear to saints and sinners my eyes were bloody red and I must've looked so silly and my head must've accidentally landed on the girl beside me and then the guy kept looking so I wondered if I indeed slept on the girl beside me but the thing is, I kept on repeating the lines I would say to ask her but then in the end, I wasn't able to. The end. 

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