Sunday, June 29, 2008

It itch like a bitch, man.

I don't know where to start recalling all the things that happened since the 6th months of nothingness was over. One thing's for sure, some things ended and it would never begin again.

I had a photo shoot with Erika and Makss the next day and it helped me get things out of my mind for a mean time. It's true that when you want to forget, keep yourself busy with other things. Nothing is displaced unless replaced.

I got over it fast and moved forward.

Just last week I went to Paige's place and baked mac the whole afternoon. Cooking is therapeutic.Ü And then we headed over to Makss', met some friends and drank. Grr! Wala ako sa mood magkwento badtrip! Ah basta, it was fun, alright. If only I wasn't allergic with anything that has alcohol.xD

Tapos, kagabi I went to Saguijo with my brother and his friends. It was their 4th anniversary. Yeah 4 years of rock and roll! Great bands played. It was an awesome night except when you start feeling like you're sardines in a sauna bath. Haha! But that's to be expected in that kind of thing.

Hay, anu ba yan haha! Walang kaayos-ayos tong entry na to.

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