Monday, July 07, 2008

Hooay for me!

I finally finished delivering my first speech in our Public Speaking class today. Hooray!xD

The topics were about your odd personality, unusual hobby and special skills. We were allowed to choose just one and I chose to talk about my unusual hobby which is talking to myself in front of the mirror. Hahaha!

You might think that I'm insane or just too vain but really, I enjoy it! But talking in front of real people, my goodness, it kills me. No matter how many gazillion times have I practiced that speech facing myself in the mirror, I still trembled by the time I took the floor.

Seriously, I could feel my face shaking and I could barely look at my block mate's faces in the eyes. But I delivered well nonetheless. And I earned 15 out of 20 points over all. Haha! Not bad. I was expecting for a lower grade coz my nervousness was written all over me that time.

I suck at public speaking.

But I will become the best.

Haha! I will try. xD

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