Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Out of my mind. Be back in 5 minutes

There shouldn't be something lacking in my life. Not that I'm saying I've got every thing in this world but I have enough of what is needed. I should know. But then it feels like a half-empty glass all over again.

Could it be that because I don't have you? I was done missing, yet as I walk along the wet grounds on my way home that night, there I was, clouded and dazed, searching and hollow, sighing as I lay one foot after another.

I hear rough footsteps after me for awhile. Footsteps that synchronizes mine. I remembered the walks we made together. You have always walked faster than me though, your steps bigger than my short legs could make. Thanks for holding my hand, I was able to keep up.

I thought for a second there, wished for a moment that those steps would be someone who would hold my hand as well. I was yearning to look behind, patiently waiting for the right time, finding out that it wasn't what I wanted it to be.

So I walked ahead. There goes another uneventful night crossed out of my calendar. And you, crossing my mind every now and then.

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