Sunday, July 27, 2008

This calls for a toast

April's 18th birthday celebration was so far, the longest night I've had this month.

I met her at La Salle after being in UST for just an hour to take a 10 minute exam in NSTP which was such a pain in the ass.

We ate at Miggy's for lunch and man, was I bloated with good food afterwards.

Next, we headed to my house to pack things for the sleepover later that night. Then we went to April house and after I almost dozed off from waiting for her to finish doing her stuff (which by the way, felt like forever...xD), we went straight to the mall to buy clothes. It took us infinity to choose what we'll wear. Haha! Just kidding.

I donned a buttoned (from the neck down to the chest) chiffon-like mini-dress with lotsa ruffles on front with lovely floral prints plus a purple ribbon tied around my waist.

It was so pretty I felt so lady-like with the matching black headband with ribbon on top. :)

So anyways around 8-ish we finally went to Bellevue and had dinner on 20/20. There were no bands that played jazz music. It was ballroom dancing night and we danced like we knew how instead. But still it was a lot of fun. Good food, nice place and awesome company....can't get any better than that.

After a few drinks, good laugh and happy stomachs we decided to crash Joshua's inuman session (although we weren't officially invited at first) cuz the night was just about to begin.

Being with those guys was wonderful. They made us feel so welcome like we've known each other forever. To think it was just the second time we (the three of us girls: April, Paige and I) were able to be a part of it. Erika was already a regular. :D

Kirk was there by the way. I was shocked to feel weird when I saw him, like I won't be able to act myself around him, when I keep on saying "We're cool." or that "It's cool, no biggie." or something.

We didn't talk at all of course. We just saw each other and that was it. The fun was centered on what the other fun-crazy guys were doing.

We left around past 2 when the rain finally stopped and some of us needs to go home badly.

The three of us girls dropped by Starbucks for a little while to calm things down. Hehe. It was cra-zzzy back at Joshua's house and we couldn't end the night just yet without cheesecake and frap.

The night was cold and there were barely people on sight. We laughed our cute little tired asses out while walking along that particular road, the rain has just stopped and it felt just wonderful being carefree like that; 17, young and rebellious (our parents were most probably in deep slumber at that time thinking we were too >:-D).

Arriving home, they slept the moment they washed up and laid their heads on the pillows. I was still watching Miami Ink while April and Paige slept soundly on both my sides. I wasn't planning to sleep at all but I didn't realized I did. The last thing I remember, Leona Lewis' face was on MTV.

We had breakfast at McDonald's cause there were no other place and were hungry. We all went separate ways after we did some crazy things a little more.

And soon Erika's turning 18 as well. And a just a little after that, it's my turn. Fun time's over. Haha! Just kidding. It can't be that bad. The worse thing is, it's Monday again tomorrow and it's back too reality once more.

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