Thursday, July 03, 2008

Too much nerve impulses!

When you are given the spotlight, presented with the stage, offered to take the floor and all eyes are on you, take it.

Take it for sympathetic nervous system's sake! Haha!

Breathe in slowly, get a grip of yourself and think as if you're the only person existing at that moment.

It may rob your color to the point where you're paler than a geisha. You may tremble that you can't even speak without your voice shaking. But at the end of it all, you'll breathe as if you just came out of your mother's womb for the second time.

And you'll be so thankful to yourself you did something today that you didn't actually thought you could do.

Now that's one thing to live for.

The best thing in life is doing what others think you cannot. No one can possibly know what you're not capable of but yourself. And you won't know it unless you meet it face to face.

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