Sunday, August 03, 2008

Absolut Vodka

Erika celebrated her 18th birthday yesterday at her grandma's house. Her entire family was there too, plus Me, Paige, April, Marc and surprisingly Mil and Marco.

The food was great, the booze was hard and the company was even better. Then we sang our hearts out with the magic sing. Haha! Ang kulet. Hay. I got tipsy. Red as usual. And to think I just had a couple of straight shots of vodka.

Uhm. I don't know how let this feeling out. Haha! There's this something inside me right now but I think it would best to keep it from being blogged. Baka may makabasa. Haha!

I slept over at Paige's house. I was dead tired and dizzy after, kaya sarap ng tulog ko.

So anyway. Waaa! Nevermind. I need to save up for my birthday this September. I know it's a bit too soon but I wanted to do something different. And I want Mil and Marco and Carl and Elia and others aside from my dearest lovely friends to come celebrate it with me. Haha!

I haven't decided on anything yet. No plans. I better focus on prelims first.

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