Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Inside Story

was studying Theories of Personality earlier this afternoon and at one point, I had to stop and smile at a statement the author said;
"In love, two people become one yet remain two."
Now that's how we psychologist would define it. It's simple, even a bit dumb at first, but when you think about it, isn't that what we all really want and need.?That's the most ideal way to put it. Well at least for me, it does.

I'm fully aware that all of us have needs that should be satisfied and so that's a criteria we look for in a relationship; you'd find someone who'd satisfy your craving for attention and affection. In turn, you give something, its a give and take scenario.

If that is how it goes then good, you've got yourself a symbiotic relationship. But then again, there will come a time when people in this kind of relationship would blame their partner for not being able to satisfy his/her needs. There's no love, just the craving for closeness, for security or whatever your needs are.

There's a great possibility they'll become more and more independent of their partners and less and less of an individual. And that's just crazy.

And then when things go downhill, it'll be either they'd split up, or manage to go on living their lives that way for a bit and then they'll split up. Still, same endings.

By the way, I saw Garden State on 3rd Row at 2nd Avenue last Saturday night. I loved it. I'm beginning to realize how much I'm inclined to these kind of films. If you watched it then you'll know what I mean.

So far, things have been great. Prelims started out quite smoothly, with rough edges as you go along though. Theories of Personality was such a pain in the ass!

It's been a long time since I submitted something on dA. It sucks when you don't have professional camera like the ones I've seen around there. Most days, I just go around looking at galleries and watching other artists, and I can't help but feel envious with their photographs. Other days, I just make do with low-quality camera phones and take ones like the photo here. A huge difference compared to dSLRs but, with resources as few as mine, it didn't turn out so bad, yes?

So til then, strive for better days!


  1. lomo cam first before dslr! :D

    you'll enjoy dslr more kung naenjoy mo na ung lomo! :))

  2. Can I have both at the same time?:))