Saturday, September 27, 2008

Butt-crack date with Gladee

WARNING: Useless story-telling ahead.

Today's agenda: go to UST to take final exam in LTS. FAIL
What really happened: butt-crack sight-seeing food-tripping with Gladee! SUCCESS

What a day. After the 8 minutes exam, I got 38/50. Haha! Glad accompanied me to the car park to get something to eat. We stood in front of the fish ball store for a few minutes talking about how she got into an audition out of the blue and left without buying. Then we checked out Goldilocks because I wanted something sweet but the line was long so we left. We reached the sauna-like Uppergrounds and bought Belgian chocolate waffles instead. Whenever I'm with Gladee, we are never without turon. So we bought some.

We sat at the Plaza Mayor for a couple of minutes when it started to drizzle. We ran under the mighty walls of the main building, stood there with the other people who are lazy to open their umbrellas, talked about boys and their phony alibis and then headed to Mini Stop at P. Noval. There we ate ice cream and giggled on how it tasted so good the whole time. Then we ate corn with cheese.

A big guy sitting behind Glad had his butt-crack out in the open the entire time. Haha! I almost lost my appetite right then and there but I was eating the corn and corn is one of my favorite foods to eat so that time was an exception.

After that, we needed to go buy some credit load so we headed to the car park again. While walking along the field and passing by the pavillions, we saw another butt-crack! Funny thing is there was another one again! Not far from the last one we saw. So you could imagine how we were like laughing our ass off in the middle of the plaza!

It was such a good day. This week has been fast-paced and busy, I suddenly missed our freshmen days when we would just loiter around, eating cheese sticks and banana-Q. Lately, with the free time we get, we'd rather sleep! Oh what I would give for a good sleep. Final exams next week! 

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