Thursday, September 25, 2008


Whew! So red there. :-) We had a party at Metro Bar over at Quezon Ave. last Saturday September 20, 2008 for the annual Psynapse Psychology Society Acquaintance Party. My very good friend Glad won 1st runner up in the pageant. Go Glad!

It was a loooooong night! But it was hella fun. I arrived at Hanna's apartment around 2, waited for Jem and Pauline to arrive, watched Made of Honor while waiting, and then around 4 we went to the salon for a quick blow-dry and got back to dress and make ourselves up. Around 7, we were worried we couldn't get a taxi, thankfully Kyle was able to get one on time. It started to rain we when we arrived at Metro Bar.

The party was awesome. Dancing all night, music playing, bodies colliding to the beat, eyes closed, lights flickering, heads swaying, sweat sliding on skin, man...then we were walking in the rain after midnight! Haha! Then we went to Mcdo near UST cause we were starving and me and a couple of friends will sleep over at Hanna's place.

But after a cheeseburger meal devoured and a tons of laughter shared, Hanna suddenly remembered her keys were with Jem who was at that time (past 2 in the morning) must be sleeping soundly at Pauline's house.

So what 5 girls in the wee hours of the morning to do with no place to stay? Calls Pauline who sounded groggy over the phone. xD Then with a quick ride in a cab, we almost got lost in Banawe just to find Pauline's saving red gate and to finally warm up and get sleep. Which we didn't get at first because we were all sugar-high and excited for some unknown reason.

THEN! The next morning we still have a seminar at 10 am. ARGH! I was so pissed off when I woke up. Ayoko na magkwento tuloy, naalala ko kasi. GRR....The end.

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