Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey Jec

This is a long overdue entry I wanted to do for a tribute for my 18th birthday. Yes, I just turned 18 last Wednesday, September 10, 2008. After two birthday cakes devoured, two candles blown, and many wishes uttered in mind, I am officially legal. At pwede na akong makulong like almost all people tell me.

On the day of my birthday, my phone got busted, talk about luckiness. I wondered how I am supposed to thank all those people who greeted me through text. Then I was late for PE and it was rainy so you could imagine how wet and muddy the playing field was. And have I told you my PE is softball? Yes.

That week has just been hell-ish. I sleep for not more than 5 hours, stay up late to cram for research papers and go home from school drenched by the heavy rain with broken umbrella. My phone, school shoes, and umbrella gave up on me miserably. Fortunately I was able to survive. And the rest of the week just got better and better.

I celebrate with my lovely family the night of my birthday. The next day, Pauline my classmate who celebrates her birthday after mine took a few of my awesome block mates out to lunch and it was a blast. Then Friday came and things unbelievably went well for the subject I endlessly gave sleepless nights to. I was even praised to the point of me wanting to hide from being placed to the spotlight all of a sudden. My amazing friends gave me a cake and presents that I will surely treasure.

Then Saturday came. The day I was waiting for. The night I was going to have the most amazing time with the most amazing people in my life: Eka, April, Paige and not to mention Marc who was awesome to bring fun that night. It was amazing, yes, more than what I expected, but one thing made it incomplete though: Eka was not around. I was expecting that my girls would stay for the night and we’ll talk like we've never had before. Time flies so fast recently and we all have busy schedules and things to do all the time. Nothing beats late night talks and girl bonding. We shall have that SOON!

Anyway, I must say that though it was simple, no grand entrances, no 18 roses and cotillions and souvenirs to give away, I was happy and it was memorable. The fact is that the people I shared those memorable days/nights with are the ones I will keep and love the most.

For the past 18 years, I am me and the things that transpired before my eyes and the people who I fortunately and unfortunately came across with shaped and somehow made me who I am today. I don’t feel old, though I look old! Haha! Life has its way of stealing those that have gone through time.

I’m lost for words. It’s all in my head now. Good night and love life.


  1. belated happy 18th... aside from makukulong ka na botante ka na rin haha! glad to hear that you had a blast with your birthday, 18th birthday. saw the photos in multiply. wow andami mo kayang celebration... 18 years & counting and more treasures to gather, pero just like wine, mas matagal mas masarap/maganda, so treasure the old friends most who are with you up until now... :D God bless, jeca.. ;)

  2. Thank you so much ate Merie! Yes I really had a blast, and the best part is though I didn't have a grand debut, I had several mini celebrations with the best people on earth. xD

    God bless you too! :-) *hugs*