Saturday, September 06, 2008

In your eyes, love, it glows so

At this very moment, I feel blessed. So blessed I could not contain it. So for the very reason that no one can be too happy for a long period of time, I might as well put this to words before it goes away.

For the past weeks, things have been great. Busy, yes, not getting enough sleep every night, yes!!!, but ever though I've been tired and sleep-deprived like never before, still, some things just made me happy.

For one, Glad and Paul were on the top 5 in the search of Psychology personality '08. We watched and cheered like crazy last night. I'm so proud of them.

And yey! In just a few days I'll turn 18 you guys! Haha! I sound so excited. But no, I'm more excited on my new camera from my lovely Aunt Remy. xD

Ah basta, ang daming answered prayers this week. Mapa-simpleng "Lord, sana hindi ako ma-late." or mabigat na "Lord, please sana pasok si Glad, tawagin niyo name niya!" Haha!
And earlier napasabak pa ako sa painting contest, eh ano naman alam ko sa painting diba??? Buti pa sana kung sketching, sa coloring hirap ako eh.

But I still went, on behalf of the Psychology society. Siyempre mahiya naman ako, ako na nga lang kaisa-isang representative, baback-out pa ako. So long story short, okay naman siya, I DID MY BEST ah. Pero I don't think I'll win. Kasi ang gagaling ng mga kalaban ko! Nyeta, walang nagsabing may mga lahing pintor pala sa College of Science.

Next week pa announcing ng winners. The winning piece will win 1000 for the 1st price, 600 and 300 for the 2nd and 3rd, respetively. I-aauction pa daw and may kasamang publication. Haha! Asa naman sa akin. Pero kahit 300 lang, naku laking tuwa ko na Lord! Haha!

So after 5 hours of sitting under newspapers and acrylic paints alll over my body hehe natapos din, we're supposed to do a term paper afterwards eh na-badtrip na ako kaya umuwi na lang ako. Lala for lunch. xD Ganun pala dapat, kung lagi akong busy katulad kanina, makakalimutan ko ng mag-lunch at sa tubig and Lala solve na ako.

Basta people out there, count yer blessings. :)) Mwuah!


  1. i love this post.... people nowadays are so pessimists.. and not looking on the brighter side of life! And yes ThAnK GOD for all the blessings even the tiny ones, :D Glad that you noticed the goodness of God even on those little things and recognizing and acknowledging God for it, He will surely reward you.. :D about the contest, you already won upon giving your best and being chosen to represent :D kaya bonus na lang pag nanalo ka :D keep on cheering up Jecca! :)

  2. Thank you ate Merie! I realize that you really have to be thankful to the littlest things in life and in the end, the big ones will be AMAZING!

    I didn't win by the way. But it was worth the experience. i met new people pa. :)