Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rest in Pieces

I feel like I have to take care of myself these days. I've been having migraines a couple of times this week and I don't like the feeling.

[Wait lang ah...]NAKAKAKAKAKKKINIS ANG BAGAL NG INTERNET CONNECTION![...whew! Okay back to business]

Finals start on Monday (!!!) And oh, we had a recollection that started this week. I cried with what the preist told me, its been the first time I cried again since my last last breakdown. So the suffocating weep was called for.

I miss my friends from highschool. I haven't seen them since September. It's October now, sembreak is not far ahead. I have been too busy lately and the priest from our recollection said the word stands for 'being under satan's yolk'. Lol. What a weird way to put it. But it helped me a lot. Ang mabigat, kapag binitawan gumagaan. Haha!

Things have been great lately, especially in school. There are times when it's nice to just hang around the campus with great friends and it's late at night and you talk about things and it feels good. Feels good that although its been really toxic there's still a piece reality and it made me feel I'm not having the hard time alone.

Hay hay hay! Anu baa Jec. LOL! xD

So I sit here in front of my wrecked PC for what seemed like hours downloading new songs and passing time waiting for motivation to come its way back to me. I have spent the entire morning studying and after I woke up from my afternoon sleep, my mind just gave up.

You know, I don't know. My thoughts are messed up right now. With no particular reason actually. So I listen to songs of Anberlin, Tegan and Sara, Copeland and Acceptance. Close my eyes and rest from thinking too much.

I wish internet connection isn't this slow cause I might just spend the rest of my time I'm suppose to use for studying, sitting here in front of Karen (our PC) testing how far my patience could go.

Have I told you how much I love Tegan & Sara? :)


  1. ooh yes sembreak it is!! just study hard for now and party even harder later! yeeeessss!! haha! God bless on your finals dear :D

  2. Thank you ate Merie! YEY! Sembreak na! :))