Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sweet you rock and sweet you roll

Few weeks have passed and the days were actually better.

My breakdown last last week have reached even my relatives from overseas becuase mom likes to talk about things like that and hearing her tell the story gives me the creeps, like I actually feel sorry for myself for being a loser for a moment there.

All of it boils down to something I'd laugh about now. Something stupid I did that I'd get back on when I grow old and laugh about. It's even a joke my family likes to rub on me nowadays. Just because they don't usually see me on a state like that or most probably because of the lame reason behind that breakdown.

It's the lame reason I told them about, not the real thing.

But enough of that. Like I said, the past few weeks are actually getting better, my mom even approached me one time telling me how'd I like the idea of moving out in a dorm near UST. I was surprised. You see, a big part of what built my stress is the fact that with the schedules I have now, it really sucks having to commute every day--and every night for that matter. And a little part of me, somewhere on the back of my mind tells me that it could actually help if I'd live and get a place nearer.

But then other thoughts flooded right into me with the mere thoughts of missing my family, my bed, my computer, my...myself here in Las PiƱas. In my 17 years of existence never have I've been apart of this house.

So I guess I've lots of decision making to do. Ciao then. :)

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