Thursday, October 30, 2008

Endings of a new beginings

We were on the train when mom told me the news and it took me a million hours later to digest it. Not until I told it to my sister in between dvd marathon that it finally dawned in me that it would definitely bring big changes we didn't see coming.

For nearly two decades, our family has always been together living our lives out of our daily routines, conforming to the norms of the soceity; parents out all day to work and children out for school. It has always been like that. Yet soon, sooner that any of us expected, it's all going to change.

Not to be all too dramatic about this, I'm aware that my parent's retirement is something that would come around eventually. They're not getting any younger obviously and clearly, they're in the age where going to work everyday can be very exhautsting. They're old now, simply put. And I'm just probably not used to seeing them like that. Weak and tired.

With their retirement, the three of us--my siblings and I--would have to take over. I have to must be independent now more than ever. I felt older writing this entry. Gone are the days where it doesn't do me much to think about family matters. These things matters to me now. Much more than it has before.


  1. Awww... I just had a fight with my Mom yesterday and I somehow realized that yes, they're getting older. It's not really being dramatic or so but just realizing what's true! We need to be mature and they need us. Maybe it's a point in time where the role of us, children, rises to a higher level of giving back to them.

  2. You are so right. It's just, it gets difficult at times.