Thursday, October 16, 2008

I always needed time

I went to visit my high school today. My sister asked me to get her form 137. I've never been in that place for almost two years now. The last time I set foot on that ground was my last day in high school: graduation.

Going back to a place that holds lots of good and bad memories for the first time again was surprisingly difficult. For more than five years, I've spent the dawn of my adolescent life in just two places: our house and that school. But being in a different time now, moving to another phase of my life, high school has been nothing but a distant memory; something I find hard to remember yet impossible to forget.

On my way there, it was the same road and same scenery. There I saw the same houses, same stores, same school buses, same faces--it was the same place.

But it was not the same. It wasn't for me.

When I arrived, I walked in making sure that what I needed to do was to be done fast so I could leave pronto. The sooner the better, I thought.

I approached the registar/cashier run by the nuns. I was faced by my old teacher who taught Religion class when I was a senior. I forgot her name. She smiled and said, "Oh, it's," she paused to think, "Jessica." She remembered.

I filled up some forms, paid half a hundred bucks for it, was told to come back after a week, saw our batch graduation photo put up on the wall alongside with the other graduates before us, but I didn't get my time to look at it or at least take a trip back to memory lane even for a nano-second.

I made a quick stop to the girl's washroom before I left. Man, it was my favorite place on the whole floor back then. It was the same three-cubicled restroom as I remember it. It felt so small though. Or I just got bigger.xD

Leaving, I felt like there were eyes looking at me. As I walked farther and farther away from that place it sure looked the same but it will never feel the same. It was no longer my teritory. I knew it was a bad idea to go back there alone.

What's up with 16 year-old girls these days? They talk, look and most definitely sound and act like adults way beyond their actual age. I like it. xD

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