Friday, October 10, 2008

Get Familiar

I was lying on my bed last night listening to this radio station and the DJs had this question: 'now its time for sembreak, what would you miss most in school?' One thing I probably miss back in high school would be my high school friends. Guys, if you're reading this right now, let the four us get together sometime!

I also miss our high school uniforms. I used to feel awkward in it then but you can do whatever you want while wearing it; sit on the floor, run, jump, or roll around. Gahd, I have tons of good memories worth missing, it would take up the entire space.

Here's something random:
"Only the mature person has the capacity to love; others merely go through the
motions of being 'in love' in order to maintain security."--Henry Sullivan.
Oh, wonderful things you learn in psychology. Haha! How very true. Although I've always been wanting to find love(?) these days, every morning I fortunately able to wake up on, some part of me gives away, not wanting to bother on something that is troublesome. It's like blaming it on having to give so much effort on something that would eventually last in such a short period of time.

I guess my notion on those things, relationship-wise, has become passive. I'm still young anyway. I've got losta time to not think about it. But that's the hypocrite in me talking. If someone I like would come up to me saying he likes me, I might as well give in, in a reasonably matter of time of course. HAHAHA! Cuz, having someone for the sake of having one is fun. But don't believe me cause I regretted it once and probably will in the future if things fall in same place again. Haha!

I'd like to be self-actualized already or find someone who is.xD
Cause here's something random again, just read it. According to Abraham Maslow,
"Self-actualized people do not love because they expect something in return.
They simply love and are loved (back). Their love is never harmful. It is the
kind of love that allows lovers to be relaxed, open, and nonsecretive."
Cheers to that!

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