Saturday, October 11, 2008


So I have been serously thinking about living in a dorm next semester. I went to one of my blockmate's place and it made me want it so badly. But it aint cheap. And mom didn't bother to reply when I subtly texted her how grand it was, my friend's place just inside the campus.

And I thought, just though. How I'd miss commuting. It's a love-hate relationship between that and me. Sometimes it takes me into a melo-dramatic state of street lights dawning in you, your earphones on, the traffic is slow-moving, especially when you get to go home late at night. But the rest is just bullcrap--exhausting and maddening.

There'll be no more buses and trains, trains and buses. Sleeping stranger on your side. Faulty airconditioners and loud speakers that play awful sounds. And yes, no more breakdowns.

But all of these are just thoughts, at the moment. It all boils down on what Mother wants, what Mother can spare her money on for me and what Mother thinks is right.

Sembreak na! :)

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