Sunday, November 23, 2008

mood swings

So finally I feel a lot better now. The rest of my family still got flu and thank God mine's gone cause I can't afford to get sick anytime soon. We start swimming lessons tommorow. Kirk's turning 18 on that day too. LOL. Like that's an important thing to mention. Haha.

I saw the movie The Holdiay last night on HBO. It tugged my heartstrings I swear I would have shed some tears if mom weren't there watching with me. I dunno. Honest movies like that are aces. The Little Big Fish makes it hard for me to breathe all the time. It never fails.

Something ironic happened to me earlier this week. There's this person I got annoyed with one day and it turned out that we had to go home together later that some random chance. I just had to laugh at how things like this happen.

And man, there's this another annoying person. You know how when friends have been quite close and after knowing them for a while, manners tend to fade away or in some awful cases, you get attitudes and they say or do things to you just because they're angry. It boils my insides just thinking how mean a person could get when they don't even have the right to in the first place.

Man, I know you have issues and perhaps you have had bad days since who-knows-when, but still, screw you.

(As if mababasa niya to. XD)


  1. ugh flu and swimming lessons? NO NO! I made every excuse possible in my swimming class back in my college days...

  2. but why??? it's fun. Ü marunong na akong mag-float finally. :)