Monday, December 01, 2008

I can feel the walls start to close in on me

i heart u
A very long day permits a very long entry.

Play this whilst you read.

5:30 am. My alarm clock failed me again. Hurriedly, I made my way to the bathroom and did my routine in a flash. For what usually takes me 30 minutes to get ready, I made in 10. I put on moisturizer, combed my hair, took my valuables and left.

6:10 am. On my way out of our village, I spotted a lucky FX waiting probably for me (hehe) and hopped on it quick. Soon enough, I reached UST, saw a highschool friend, talked and walked around the campus in hope of finding some place to avail an autoload but was useless--all of the stores were still closed.

6:50 am. I was able to meet Jem finally. We had to walk outside the campus this time, in search of a photocopy maching, but that too, was a failure. What led us to the light at the end of the tunnel was a computer shop in the middle of Lacson St. which offers scanning. You could imagine us panting and cursing in our heads now. We were running late.

7:15 am. Parent consent forms scanned, and parent's signature forged, we were good to go! XD

9:30 am. We had a stop over. People bought their lunch and answered calls of nature. Back to the bus and on our way to Sitio San Martin, Jem and I talked about spontaneous recovery dreams, grandfathers that dye their hair black and have his eyebrows that were white plucked by his grandchildren, and hyperacidity....before we know it, we were already there.

11:00 am. We were standing in a line, waiting to meet our little students whose eyes are that of those honey and brown. They were dark-skinned and curly haired little rascals. I wished I had my camera to capture their exotic-ness on cam. XD Anyway, standing on that line, Janus, our LTS leader said to me, "You look like a pornstar." and I was like o-kay for a moment there. I replied, "I must have been one in my previous life." and laughed. I didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. Especially when it came from a gay. x)

12:00 pm. Janus (I will never be able to forget him from now on), a classmate in Logic last year who's name I do not know, and I went uphill to meet our students. We were told we'll be teaching adults since all the kids were already taken. By adults, ladies and gentlemen, I thought they meant parents. They didn't inform me I was gonna teach someone like 'Nanay Catalina' whom when I first saw, instantly made me think of my very own grandmother.

She's 70 years old, she told me. She might have been 70 years old in a while, I thought. Or perhaps she has lost track of count from there on. :) She is small and fragile-looking but man, was she strong! She led me to her papaya garden and while I clumsily went down there with her and foolishly keeping balance all that time, she managed to descend gracefully.

Long story short, sitting on her very own make-shift papaya farm and teaching her to count from 1 to 10 with the leaves and the trees as examples, was very difficult. Man, she was a hard one, and this was some experience for me. I thought of the saying, "Learn something new, teach something old." but goodness, it really does take a toll on your patience. The kids, there were about 7 or 8 of them hovering around us either half or barenaked, were better compared to Nanay Catalina.

1:30 pm. Around 1:34 pm I said my goodbyes. I told her I'll be seeing her again next week. She asked if I would like to bring home some papayas. Maybe next time, I replied. We walked side by side, talked about the weather and that I should come back (aww...) until the bus was in sight.

Going back to UST, I slept halfway and argued with Josh and his psychologically unstable life, and finally realized why he was like that. I felt like I was psychoanalyzing him at that time. xD It was a good talk, I must say. But sad altogether...

Oh, and here goes Janus again, asking if I'm still a virgin. Lolz. He said I had this seductive look daw kasi. I would probably be happy if it came from a straight guy. hehe There really is a first time for everything.

Better days, everyone! Ü

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