Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dude, where's my brain?

No seriously, every day starts to feel like a dead internet connection all over again.

It's beginning to worry me that this phase I'm in might last until after the holiday rush that I might not be able get myself together for the prelims.

When did I start missing classes. How did I become so passive in lectures. What have I been doing lately that I always feel so tired. Why am I not doing my homeworks... LOL.

The longer you think the less you know what to do.

This isn't a good start of the school year. My id always consoles my superego to do better next time, that I'll just study super hard at exams week, that sleep will make me more happy (yes it does, always haha!), and that everything seems so easy at the start.

Here's something random:

Love takes up where knowledge leaves off.
— Saint Thomas Aquinas

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