Tuesday, December 09, 2008


meme: You make my mind slow,
meme:Cause of the cluttered feelings that I can't show.
meme: =.=

jeca: everytime your face glows
jeca: love, through my vein, it flows
jeca: LOL
jeca: xD

meme: Would you like a pink bow ?
meme: jekow.
meme: XD

jeca: If it comes with a candy I could swallow
jeca: I'd let you know
jeca: XD

meme: Then would you like a bow,
meme: With a candy that you could swallow,
meme: And a flute that you can blow ?
meme: XD

jeca: Why yes, send it through an arrow
jeca: ask a cupid if you could borrow

meme: LOL
meme: Niceee =))

jeca: why are you laughing so hard dear fellow

meme: i wonder why, jekow.

jeca: :))

meme: xD

jeca: i love it.

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