Monday, December 08, 2008

You knew just the right things to say

Oooh. Let me tell you what happened yesterday.

Morning, I got up early, Memo texted if I wanted to ride with Towi, text text text, but Jem and the gang planned to meet up at school, and so to make everybody happy, I've decided to ride with Towi and Meme and meet Jem and the rest of them.

Nice, right. But then here comes the slow weekend traffic. Ruining all schedules.

Afternoon, we reached España safe and very late (Towi-if you're reading this, thanks for the ride!:D). Hanna and everyone in her apartment were calling and texting non-stop asking where on earth are we, and almost two hours late with the calltime, and a few more minutes until Paul's car arrived, we finally headed to Star City!

Sounds fun. But then here we go again with careless taxi drivers and smoke-belching trucks that made Paul sing curses one after another. :)) It was funny. And an interesting driver himself. Hehe.

Evening, after almost everything on today's agenda fulfilled, minus all the thrill I expected from riding at least one ride that was supposed to be free, plus the ever-unsuccessful-not-even-a-bit-scary horror houses that we went through, we ate dinner at Pancake house and like what Memo said, it was the 'bestest' part of the day. Ü

But overall, every part was the 'bestest' part...even the heavy traffic.

Aww, listening to Copeland as I write this entry takes me back to Marco's car and the ride home to that place in Paranque. I didn't want to end the night just yet, but everything has to eventually.

Thanks to the every soul that was a part of this. ♥

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