Thursday, January 01, 2009

Made Made Dane

I've reached the legal age, made myself believe I have fallen in love, met new people, did things I thought I'll never be better at, cried, laughed and realized one important thing. I also felt emotions I've never felt before and shouldn't. A lot happened, basically.

Still, I couldn't say why it feels like this year ain't better than the last. Events just flashed before my eyes like I'm watching myself from the outside all these time. Earlier this year, I found it hard to keep track of things. It seemed like I had so much to do yet there's only so little time. But now, ironically, thinking back about those things that had kept me busy and stressed, I can't remember much of it. XD

2008 just went by so fast for me. But it was good altogether. Like what the turtle in Kung Fu Panda said, "Yesterday is history, the future a misery. But the's a gift." Here's to better days!

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